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Call To Action
All Eritreans in Our Community

Dear Friends,
This is a
Call To Action to the Eritrean Community to ask your donation for a very important purpose…the completion of the Eritrean Community Center Expansion Project. read more


Message from the President

WELCOME TO THE ERITREAN ASSOCIATION WEBSITE and to the 15TH YEARS ANNIVERSARY of the founding of the Eritrean Association.

To our many valued friends, clients, volunteers, supporters and the community at large.
As we gather to celebrate the Eritrean Association’s, first decade & half it is with great pride that I welcome you.
15 years ago the Eritrean Americans of Seattle joined together in pursuit of common goals to contribute to the well being of our community and to preserve our rich cultural Heritage.
These ideals sparked the creation of our Association. Our mission today remains the same as that of fifteen years ago. Although time has brought changes in leadership, technology, location, and programming, our purpose remains constant.
Today the Eritrean Association has evolved into a center that provides linguistically and culturally appropriate services to Eritrean community at large. We are able to this through collaboration and generous contributions from supportive partners and dedicated volunteers.
Our accomplishment is the result of unselfish investments by many hard working and committed individuals who contribute time and energy towards our mission. Despite busy schedules and countless responsibilities as family members, professionals, our volunteers continue to strive, give, create and inspire. To call them merely an asset falls short, they are truly the heartbeat and pillars of this Organization.
While this special day marks a milestone in the history of the Eritrean community at large, in a greater sense, it is a direct reflection of the altruism and enthusiasm of numerous individuals, governmental agencies and private foundations. Their contributions have not only enriched our history but also have provided a foundation for successes yet to come.
Our mission at the Eritrean Association in Greater Seattle is to bring community members together to meet the needs of families and individuals for community connection.
On behalf of the Eritrean Association I extend to each of you a warm welcome to this celebration of our past, present, and future.

Thank you,

Mehari Asrat
President Board of Directors

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